Commercial roof repairs require specialized knowledge and skills. There are several different types of roof that can be in use in a commercial or industrial setting, and each requires a particular approach.  Since we have been doing this work for over 30 years in the Kansas City Metro area, we are experts in handling commercial roof repairs and replacement.
We are experts in all types of roofs in a commercial or industrial setting:

Build-Up Roofing Systems –
This is a very common type of roofing used commercially and it has been around for decades.  Built-up is used on buildings with flat roofs, or roofs with a very low slope. This type of roof utilizes a material called bitumen, which is a thick black substance that resembles tar. The bitumen is used to laminate several layers of roofing material together (these layers are called felts). On top of that is a coat of asphalt or other surface materials.  When your commercial property gets compromised from a severe storm, it is best to do a full replacement.
Metal Roofing
Many businesses have discovered metal roofing to be a nice option. In fact, of all newly constructed institutional and commercial buildings, approximately half are built to include metal roofing. Metal lasts a long time, requires little to no maintenance, and it looks quite professional. When we do commercial roof repairs on metal roofing, it’s a different procedure than other types of roofing because there is no asphalt to deal with.It still has a multi-step process: we cut out the damaged metal area, then clean repair spot thoroughly. A matching color metal “patch”, cut to be larger than the original spot, is sealed into place and weighted down with a brick. Then, each edge is soldered into place. We follow that same procedure with another metal patch that is larger than the one we just used, and the entire area receives a coating of roofing cement.

The biggest advantage of using asphalt shingles, whether for residential or commercial use, is affordability. The relative low cost makes it attractive for companies, especially when combined with the durability of shingles and a big variety of colors and styles. Generally, you know that commercial roof repairs are needed for an asphalt shingle roof when you start noticing some leaking inside the building (or watermarks at the top of some of the walls).Ideally, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof yearly for any problems, so that the repairs can be done before any leaking problems begin. If the problem is just with a torn or curled shingle or two, we can repair or just replace those damaged shingles fairly easily. If the roof shows signs of cracked or severely damaged shingles, or shingles missing in some spots, the roof is nearing the end of its useful life and you should consider replacing it completely.