Why a Roof Estimate Over the Phone is Completely Bogus…

Often people call into Kansas City’s Village Construction trying to get a roof estimate over the phone.  While we can appreciate a homeowner trying to get the most “bang for their buck” or save some time in this very important process, this isn’t the best way for you to get your roof repaired or replaced.  The fact is:  it is almost IMPOSSIBLE and completely inaccurate to give you a proper estimate without fully inspecting the size of your roof, your entire property and any condition problems that could lead to a roof leak.

Image this Scenario

Would you expect a plumber to guess what’s wrong with your plumbing without looking at any pipes or providing a diagnostic test?  How about an appliance repairman to fix the dishwasher from the living room? How confident would you feel in a mechanic who diagnoses the problem with your car from across the parking lot?  Not a good idea, huh?

Roofing Contractor Red Flag

As ridiculous as all these examples sound, homeowners accept their equivalent all the time!  When a roofing company sends a roofing consultant-estimator out to provide an estimate, some disreputable roofers will look up at the roof, talk to the homeowner and provide a price quote. Without stepping foot on the roof, it’s very unlikely that they’re able to provide an accurate quote.

Each home is different. There are different things on your roof that provide function to your home that must be accounted for.  In addition there are many different types of shingles that you can put on your roof. If you haven’t put a roof on a home in the last few years, you’ll be surprised (hopefully pleasantly) at just how many material options there are today and the different performances they are able to provide. Just like tiling your kitchen is measured in tile and square footage, so too the cost dependent on roofing a home is dependent on square footage and an industry measurement known as a “roofing square.”

Whenever you’re having a roof replacement (or even a roof repair) done make sure that the roofers take the time to really examine your roof before providing their proposal. You’ll end up with a more detailed estimate for the work involved, and will have the confidence that this roofing company will provide the best quality of roof possible for the money.

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